Download Versus 17.051

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How to Install or Upgrade Versus
1) Download Firebird and install it using all the defaults.
2) Download Versus and install it.
3) Call Noreen when you reach the "Register Software" screen.

Download and Install Firebird First if it is not installed already.
! Use all the defaults during installation. !
Versus requires Firebird. Once installed, Firebird should always be ready
running in the background as soon as the computer is switched on.
Install Firebird (the 32-bit version, NOT 64-bit).
Handles 64- and 32-bit Windows, and Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Download and Install Versus 17.051 (3.7Meg)
Your data is never lost: Phone support to help you locate your data.

Versus Software keys are always given to the start of school the following year, to allow
teachers to start preparing data before the school starts.

The Versus program and data is now installed to different folders than before.
When running Versus17 for the first time, your data will automatically be moved to the new folder.

PLEASE ! ! Make regular backups (under Manage Data) of your database.
Power failures may cause corruption of the database.

Improvements since 17.010
17.011 / 11Jan: Fixed the copying of files during installation.
17.013 / 13Jan: Fixed importing Meetings and Recordsets from databases (gdb-s) (Error: Database not assigned.).
17.013 / 13Jan: Create backups and snapshot under the user's folder (error: could not write to "Program Files").
17.016 / 17Jan: Standard Hurdle for Boys and Girls 10,11,12 is now 70m, not 75m anymore.
17.018 / 18Jan: Print labels: add Gender-Age if the birthdates are not used in a Meeting.
17.019 / 19Jan: Import Teamfile did not find the Items. Problem fixed.
17.022 / 25Jan: Fixed PlacePoint sharing: Two athletes sharing a place, share the points for two places.
17.022 / 25Jan: "All Event Results": Printing ordered by ItemType is now fixed.
17.022 / 25Jan: Creating the "After" -> "Independant Results Disket" fixed.
17.022 / 25Jan: "Edit Performance" needs decimal point not comma. Problem fixed.
17.027 / 02Feb: EditTeamfiles: Many file-copying and file-locations fixed. Known issue: exporting on some PC-s.
17.027 / 03Feb: EditTeamfiles: Indicate editing folder below on the editing screen.
17.035 / 01Mar: EditTeamfiles: If you fetch the Teamfile from the meeting, you will automatically see Birthdates, AthleteNumbers and Performances if there was any. Previously you needed to change the settings of the Teamfile to see them.
17.036 / 02Mar: When adding relay items : Fixed ZError 072542 We assummed a code without a "w".
17.036 / 02Mar: When selecting relay items : Fixed relays that did not display in the grid.
17.036 / 02Mar: Fixed DrawTeam with 2-gender relays.
17.039 / 03Mar: Fixed: removing a Item from an Athlete left the Athlete in a Heat if it was already Drawn.

There are 5 templates (programs for events) for Meetings included in Versus. They are:
InterHigh Day
InterHigh DayNight
PUK 16School InterHigh GroupA : for the one computer
PUK 16School InterHigh GroupB : for the second computer
HighSchool Districts

Previous versions of Versus (just in case of unexpected problems)
Version 16.088 (3.7Meg)
Version 16.065 (3.7Meg)
Version 16.064 (3.7Meg)
Version 15.153 (3.3Meg)
Version 14.096 (3.3Meg)

Download Versus Super 17.051 (3.7Meg)