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Fixes and changes since 14.001
Printing to PDF or Excell

Versus 14.089. Latest upgrade.
Flippers 14.084. (3.0Meg)
Kroko 14.084. (3.1Meg)
Firebird 2.5.2. Database driver.

Template Team Excel-files Importing athletes from "text" files.

Versus TalkTime 14.085. (1.0Meg)
Versus TakeTime 14.082. (1.0Meg)
Versus Callroom 14.082. (1.0Meg)
Versus ShowTime 14.082. (1.0Meg)
Versus EditTeamFiles 14.033. (0.7Meg)
Flippers EditTeamFiles 14.033. (0.7Meg)
Versus MedalTime 9.005. (1.0Meg)